Since 1997

About CSI Sports

CSI SPORTS™, founded in 1997 by Craig and Richard Miele, has grown from producing and distributing live events to now operating the fastest growing 24/7 Sports Network worldwide.

CSI has syndicated our FIGHT SPORTS™ branded content into over 190 countries, with US distribution through the FIGHT SPORTS™ branded block in over 70M households, and the FIGHT SPORTS™ 24/7 linear channel in over 50+ countries globally. CSI has also controlled rights over the past two decades to many of the biggest fights in history, including Mayweather/Pacquiao, Mayweather/De La Hoya, Tyson/Lewis, and many others which have generated close to $10B in PPV revenue alone.


Fight Sports expands its global distribution to include 50+ countries across Europe/MENA/Asia/Caribbean with 200+ carriage agreements.


FIGHT SPORTS channel launches in Hong Kong and Nepal and extends its coverage in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania.

FIGHT SPORTS re-launches the global FIGHT SPORTS website to support all premium fight related sports news and events around the world.

FIGHT SPORTS expands its digital team and begins its social presence on Facebook in July of 2017:


FIGHT SPORTS launches in Germany, Japan, the Caribbean, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, all the Pacific Islands including Fiji, Timor Leste, and Sri Lanka and extends its coverage in Sweden and Finland as the global footprint expands to 37 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.


FIGHT SPORTS signs carriage agreements for multiple countries to launch its new 24/7 HD Network with leading Pay-TV operator, TELIA SONERA, becoming Scandinavia’s first dedicated network to support the entire genre through exclusive live events and original programming.

FIGHT SPORTS launches in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

FIGHT SPORTS expands in the U.S. with the launch of a LIVE and VOD premium offering with Verizon on their “go90” mobile video platform as one of only a dozen “premium partners”.


FIGHT SPORTS becomes the fastest growing global sports channel with distribution reaching almost 20 countries in only 24 months since launch with multiple carriage agreements in territories throughout Asia and Europe.

FIGHT SPORTS channel launches in the Philippines.


FIGHT SPORTS channel launches in Thailand.

CSI Sports secures the long term exclusive rights to “LIVE” HBO Championship Boxing for major and emerging international territories for FIGHT SPORTS.


Launched the global 24/7 linear HD network FIGHT SPORTS on Cable, DTH and IPTV with Pay TV carriage agreements, and today reaching 30 countries, with many more to be announced soon.

FIGHT SPORTS channel launches in Indonesia.

CSI Sports acquires worldwide rights to HBO Championship Boxing with hundreds of hours, all in HD, that feature Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and many more of the highest grossing fights in the sport. These events span over 5 years and have generated over $3B in revenues.


CSI Sports continues worldwide rollout and launches a weekly FIGHT SPORTS block nationwide in the Philippines and becomes the largest provider of the widest variety of fight related content in the Country. CSI’s local distribution partner is one of the leading media and Pay TV businesses in the country with a market cap of $5B+.


CSI Sports signs an agreement with the leading mobile operator in the U.S. to launch FIGHT SPORTS mobile, making the programming available to over 80M U.S. mobile phones nationwide.


CSI Sports enters China and becomes the largest supplier of fight related programming in the Country and makes the historic introduction of FIGHT SPORTS to the nationwide Chinese audience with weekly broadcasts reaching 250M+ viewers.


CSI Sports acquires the high definition (“HD”) 1080i produced BodogFIGHT mixed martial arts (MMA) series. BodogFIGHT invested approximately $40M in building one of the largest and most recognizable MMA series produced in native HD 1080i. The series includes some of the best fighters in the sport, including Fedor Emelianenko, one of the best heavyweights in MMA history, and the current UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.


CSI Sports acquires the international rights for over 30 countries to the largest grossing PPV event in history ($150M), Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather.


CSI Sports acquires rights to multiple fight related program series featuring a variety of fighting; MMA, martial arts, kickboxing, magazine programs, including World Extreme Cagefighting (“WEC”). CSI Sports also begins producing other fight related programming in HD and launches the “Knockouts!” series on U.S. PPV which has become a consistent PPV product in the U.S. each month.


CSI Sports begins acquiring mixed martial arts and starts a relationship with Zuffa, owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship (“UFC”) by licensing a series of UFC programs for distribution within CSI’s U.S. distribution outlets. CSI also begins to license international rights to multiple fight and MMA series including UFC, K-1, KOTC, etc.


CSI Sports retained sponsorship rights to one of the highest grossing Pay-Per-View events ($120M) of all time: Tyson vs. Lewis (Photo of CSI Sports logo on ring mat featured in Sports Illustrated).


CSI Sports starts a long term relationship with HBO Sports. CSI Sports has since acquired rights to various high profile boxing matches for international markets from HBO’s series World Championship Boxing, Boxing After Dark and HBO Pay-Per-View.


CSI Sports created, produced and distributed a series entitled “Corona’s World Class Championship Boxing”. This series, sponsored by the Corona brand for over a decade, quickly became one of the most successful and longest running independent Championship boxing series to date. This series features current, former, and future boxing Champions and each program features a Championship Main Event.